Dental esthetics

Dental esthetics

The most effective cosmetic dentistry treatments in Mallorca to improve your smile.

Our smile says a lot about us. The appearance of a natural smile conveys confidence, self-esteem, health care, and is associated with increased social activity. But dark, stained, cracked, gapped or other imperfections can affect the impression we make on others, just as it can affect our self-esteem.

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65-year-old patient who comes to our center with the intention of improving the appearance of her teeth and achieving dental rejuvenation. The treatment consisted in the placement of ceramic dental veneers on her upper and lower teeth. The process was carried out over a period of 2 months and 6 visits.

Aesthetic dentistry is the specialty of dentistry that is responsible for preserving and promoting a perfect smile, through various treatments such as dental veneers, dental rejuvenation and dental reconstruction, among others.
Taking care of the appearance of your teeth starts with a good brushing. Although people may think that brushing their teeth consists of removing food debris from the mouth, the truth is that this habit plays a much more important role in our oral health.
Brushing our teeth helps us to remove the bacteria that enter our mouth after eating, thus preventing the formation of bacterial plaque. Bacterial plaque can cause aesthetic problems in our smile, as well as oral health problems.
Brushing is a fundamental part of taking care of the health of our mouth. Therefore, it is necessary to follow a proper routine and technique, avoiding the most common brushing mistakes, which will help us to comply with good hygiene.
Although people have healthy dental hygiene habits, daily brushing is not enough to ensure perfectly clean teeth. For example, normal brushing does not usually reach the interdental spaces.
For this reason, at Clínica Pronova we recommend our patients to visit the dentist every 6-12 months for a professional dental cleaning. This treatment by our dental hygiene specialists will allow you to eliminate more bacteria from your mouth, and thus maintain a perfect hygiene of your teeth.
On the other hand, we also offer deep dental cleaning, focused especially for patients with gum disease, such as gingivitis or periodontitis. In addition, when specific teeth cleaning is required -especially after treatment- our dentists help our patients by teaching them the proper brushing technique for their case.
We all wish we had a bright white smile. This often leads people to try methods that are inefficient and even harmful to the well-being of our teeth. Some people have resorted to unadvisable tricks at home to try to achieve whiter teeth or to remove localized stains.
But the truth is that these tricks can cause great damage to tooth enamel. On the other hand, there are people who use toothpaste products that claim to whiten teeth or remove stains, but in many cases they are misleading advertisements. So, what methods allow you to whiten and improve the color of your teeth? There are two methods that cause less impact on tooth enamel:
  • With pharmacy teeth whitening, a safe treatment recommended by dental professionals on a case-by-case basis.
  • Teeth whitening under the supervision of a specialized dentist who will adjust to the patient’s needs ensures satisfactory results.
These methods are the safest for tooth enamel. However, there are cases in which whitening will not be possible, such as in cases where the patient has old fillings or ceramic crowns. For this reason, it is essential to have the help of a professional specialist in dental esthetics.
The design of a smile depends to a large extent on details that cannot be seen at first glance. A beautiful and natural smile is characterized by the perfect harmony of all its parts, together with factors such as color, shape, texture and position. In addition, the shape of our teeth is very important for common habits such as chewing and speaking.
However, it is very common that this harmony does not exist in all people. There are patients who visit their dentist because they feel uncomfortable because of an imperfection in their teeth. An imperfection is understood as any characteristic that does not allow the tooth to have a natural and complete shape. For example, localized stains or severely dark teeth, a blow or deformity, crooked teeth, separation between teeth and tooth wear due to bruxism.
If the patient already has worn teeth, at Clínica Pronova we recommend the placement of dental veneers. This treatment consists of thin films that are adhered to the teeth, which cover imperfections that may exist in the teeth, such as a small fracture or a gap between teeth.
These dental veneers (composite or ceramic) are adjusted to the tooth to be covered, so that the imperfection is covered and the tooth looks complete and natural. It is a simple, painless, safe and durable method, but its placement requires a highly experienced team.
Small bumps or fractures in the teeth are imperfections that generate minimal to moderate damage, but they must be corrected, otherwise the problem may be aggravated. In fact, if the tooth is not repaired at the correct time, it can cause the extraction or loss of the tooth, which would mean another solution, such as a dental implant.
For these cases, Clínica Pronova offers a tooth reconstruction treatment. In a single session, the tooth structure lost due to caries or fracture is replaced with composite (a sophisticated microresin). This composite reconstruction is sufficiently resistant to the chewing habit and can be made using multiple shades, which makes it possible to find a suitable look for every smile.
Thanks to dental reconstruction, and a correct cleaning and eating habits, the patient will be able to keep his or her reconstructed teeth with a natural appearance.
The appearance of your smile can also be adversely affected by aesthetic defects in your gums. Healthy gums have a pinkish hue and help to harmonize the esthetics of your teeth by adjusting their shape and volume.
However, if your gums are swollen and red, or their shape is receding or enlarged, this can also have an impact on your appearance, such as asymmetries and shadows around the teeth that detract from the harmony of your smile.
In our dental clinic we offer gingival aesthetic microsurgery, a specific aesthetic treatment for the gums. Microsurgery is a minimally invasive procedure, which in a single session achieves successful results, allowing you to maintain the harmony of your smile. In addition, you will prevent the onset of gum disease, such as periodontitis.
The aging of teeth is a very common natural phenomenon among the elderly. Over the years, teeth wear down naturally, mainly due to chewing food and consuming products that gradually damage and stain our teeth, such as tobacco, coffee, wine and others.
This aging can cause some teeth to lose their brightness or acquire a dark shade, while others can generate fractures that damage the tooth. Aging can also generate small asymmetries in our gums. However, the natural aging of teeth does not mean that we cannot have a bright and healthy smile at any time of our lives.
At Clínica Pronova we develop a specific treatment for dental rejuvenation, which is based on an exhaustive study of the causes, with the aim of providing the patient with the most appropriate solution. In this way, our patients are able to wear a young and healthy smile regardless of their age.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Deep teeth cleaning is only used in cases where the patient has gum disease, such as gingivitis or periodontitis. These can only be diagnosed by dentists with extensive experience in this field.
Teeth whitening treatments are safe, but it is possible that in some cases you may experience small cases of tooth sensitivity, which eventually disappear days after the treatment.
Both composite and porcelain veneers are effective, but to select the most suitable type of veneer for your teeth it is essential to make an appointment with your dentist to customize your treatment.
Although dental veneers are very beneficial for the aesthetics of your smile, it is essential to know both their advantages and disadvantages. Of course, your dentist is the best person to recommend which treatment is best for you.
The main causes of gum problems are gingivitis and periodontitis, but there are also a number of other causes that affect the appearance of our gums, and therefore our smile.
Dental reconstruction from composite bonding is minimally invasive, therefore, it is a painless treatment.