Teeth Whitening

A personalized dental treatment with optimal results.

This procedure is a proven dental technique that allows the treatment of dark teeth, improving the whiteness of the teeth by several shades. The results are whiter and brighter teeth. The whitening technique consists of the clinical application of an oxidizing gel on the tooth surface that is activated by light and removes impurities that darken the color of the teeth.
The treatment of dental esthetics must be individualized for each patient, since the causes and intensity of darkening vary from one person to another. Tooth whitening is a harmless treatment that does not weaken the tooth, as long as it is performed by specialized dentists who supervise the technique and the products used. It is common to see advertisements for pharmacy products (toothpastes, mouthwashes, gels, etc.) that suggest high efficacy, but scientifically we know that this is not true.
Whitening is only effective with specific products at high concentrations that are not available in pharmacies. Likewise, it is not advisable to perform whitening treatment without the supervision of a specialized dentist, since the complications associated with whitening may increase: sensitivity, ulceration of the gums, etc.

Real clinical cases

Before and after treatment

A 65-year-old patient comes to our center with the intention of improving the appearance of his teeth and getting dental rejuvenation. The treatment consisted of the placement of ceramic dental veneers on his upper and lower teeth. The process was carried out in a period of 2 months and 6 visits.

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In your first visit we will make a rigorous examination of 1 hour, where we will do a dental and gum examination as well as conventional x-rays in order to offer you a complete diagnosis and service.

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Dark or stained teeth

Clínica Pronova has become a reference in the Balearic community in this type of techniques, offering reliable and lasting results to its patients.