Our philosophy

Clínica Pronova was founded in 2000 with the mission of offering safe, predictable and lasting dental solutions to patients with oral health problems. Since then, we have become a reference center in Mallorca in the treatment of patients who need a multidisciplinary approach and using minimally invasive techniques assisted by a digital flow.

More self-confident people

We want our patients to feel good about themselves. Therefore, we foster self-esteem, positivity and confidence. We believe that the perfect smile is within everyone's reach, and it is the one that each one of us exhibits with total freedom. We free our patients from imposed ideals of wellness. Because the greatest value lies in being yourself.

We call it advanced dentistry

We have the latest dental technology that, together with our processes and recognized methodology, guarantee the high efficacy of our treatments. Specializing in complex cases is our guarantee of success. This is the only way we know how to gain the trust of our patients: more security in our processes, more security for you.

We take your smile very seriously

Pronova is a human brand, communicating from person to person. We understand the concerns and innermost desires of our patients, and we are there to accompany them throughout the process, as someone they trust. We don't want to be just another clinic; we want to be your clinic. That every time you come, you feel supported, understood.

At the head of Clínica Pronova

Drs. Rafael Blanes and Libertad Caro lead the Pronova Clinic project. His training at prestigious international universities in Europe and the United States, together with his innovative spirit and human approach have made Clínica Pronova a reference in Mallorca for patients who require complex and advanced treatments or simpler therapies focused on the prevention of oral diseases.

His human vision of dentistry understands that patients need to be listened to in a close, casual and understanding way, in order to offer a treatment that meets their wishes and expectations. Similarly, the patient is encouraged to have a personalized follow-up throughout the process in order to monitor each of the objectives that were set at the beginning of the treatment. At all times we talk from person to person, so that technology and methodology are at the service of the human being.

Finally, we enact beautiful and natural smiles adapted to the patient's personality to achieve authenticity, self-esteem and well-being.