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Dental Clinic in Palma – Mallorca

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We combine science and technology to achieve effective, non-invasive and long-lasting dental treatments

First visit complete, extensive and free of charge

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Why choose Clinica Pronova?

Primera visita exhaustiva
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First thorough 1-hour visit

Rigorous examination of each patient including dental and gum explorations, x-rays, 3D scanner and other tests according to the complexity of each case.

Especializados en casos complejos
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Specialized in complex cases

Our team of specialists creates definitive solutions for difficult cases also, thanks to the use of advanced and minimally invasive techniques.

Centro con horarios flexibles
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Multidisciplinary centre with flexible hours

We cover all specialities related to dental health in a comfortable schedule for our clients, and most of all we are punctual with our appointments.

Protocolos de tratamiento de prestigio
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Prestigious treatment protocols

Our Clinic Director, Dr. Rafael Blanes, trained at Baylor Dental College (USA) and Geneva Dental School (Switzerland), implements the techniques with the most demanding quality standards.

Compromiso con la puntualidad
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Commitment to punctuality

We know that our patients value their time very much, that is why we strive to ensure that the average waiting time does not exceed 5-10 minutes.

Un centro con garantía de calidad
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A centre with quality guarantee

We have the seal of quality ISO 9001 and another one of Excellent Private Health since 2011.

Save your money on your dental treatments while enjoying your holidays in Mallorca

There are many reasons to travel to this Mediterranean enclave, where you can even leverage your time in benefit of your dental health

Plan your dental treatment in Clínica Pronova and save up to 40%.

Dental treatment process abroad

first contact

1. First Contact

We will contact you to assess your needs and propose the appropriate minimally invasive treatment.

first appointment

2. First appointment

In our dental clinic we will proceed with a rigorous 1-hour examination to offer you a final budget.


3. Procedure

In your next appointment, our punctual specialist will carry out the right treatment for you.


4. Follow-up

We guarantee optimal results in all dental dentistry disciplines so we will check your effectiveness.

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Dental treatments in Clínica Pronova

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Implant Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Pain-free treatment

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Paediatric Dentistry

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Our clinic

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Discover our new dental clinic in Palma de Mallorca

Modern facilities, with cutting-edge technology and parking for customers in the Polígono Son Morro.

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Blog for healthy smiles. The best tips and techniques

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How to take care of dental implants in 5 steps


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Keys to the price of dental implant


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We fail in dental hygiene outside the home


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More information

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Clínica Pronova’s manuals on Dental Health

download the guid about dental implants - Clínica Pronova
download the guide about dental veneers - Clínica Pronova
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WORKING HOURS: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.