Why choose dental veneers?

Dra. Guillem
Specialist in Endodontics and Dental Aesthetics

Improving our image for acquaintances, friends or partners has become one of the sought-after goals in our society. A nice, cheerful and attractive appearance increases self-esteem and is associated with increased social activity. To achieve this, a good-looking, healthy mouth is essential. Teeth are one of the areas of the face that influence a person’s appearance the most.

Missing, dark, stained, gapped, crooked, broken or worn teeth are signs of ageing and degradation. To solve these dental issues, the dentist offers a number of options, and veneer treatment is without a doubt the least invasive and best looking one.

What are dental veneers?

Different to crowns, which require forceful carving of the teeth in order to be fitted, the benefits of dental veneers are much greater. Firstly, as they are wafer-thin sheets of either ceramic or resin, they´re fitted straight onto the surface of the tooth with little need of preparation to avoid trauma. Secondly, their extreme thinness allows transparencies and textures that are very similar to those of a natural tooth, meaning that they fit in much better with the rest of the teeth. Last but not least, the adhesion to the tooth is so resistant that it promotes better biomechanical behaviour than “aggressive” dental crowns in the long-term.

How are dental veneers fitted?

The veneers are put in place and “stick” to the tooth using advanced adhesives, and are permanent, effective, and long-lasting. In order to be efficient, the adhesion process requires very strict and laborious procedures. Normally, the application of 6 veneers requires 2 to 3 hours to be put in place.

If you want to improve the overall appearance of your teeth, we recommend clinics which specialise in dental veneers in Mallorca; prestigious clinics with plenty of experience in treatments using this type of technique. Don´t let yourself be persuaded by cheap offers which mask treatments that are aesthetically lacking, or which could lead to future complications.

If you would like to know the price of dental veneers [FS1] it is essential to understand that professional fees vary depending on the type of veneers, the clinic’s prestige, professional experience and the laboratories manufacturing them. In general, composite veneers can cost between 295-395€, and 595-695€ for ceramic.

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