How to whiten your teeth

calendario 10-Mar-2017
Dra. Guillem
Specialist in Endodontics and Dental Aesthetics

Many people want to have shiny white teeth, and these can be obtained in a number of ways.

Among the many ways of whitening teeth are some tricks you can apply at home such as rubbing your teeth for 1-2 minutes a day with the inside of a strawberry or a banana peel, until attaining the desired effect. This practice works thanks to the fruits’ salicylic and/or citric acid, which helps eliminate stains, but, unfortunately, can also cause the tooth enamel to wear away in the long run. Another trick for whitening your teeth is to use sodium bicarbonate; but it isn’t recommended for it can cause short-term damage to the enamel.

Other household tricks for whitening teeth include rinsing your mouth with organic vegetable oil, although this claim isn’t supported by any scientific evidence.

You can also use pharmacy whitening products such as toothpastes or mouthwashes, which, although effective, don’t have a high enough concentration to obtain a proper whitening effect, and their efficiency can vary from person to person. The best thing you can do is try them and judge for yourself how good the result is.

So then how can you whiten your teeth in a safe and predictable way? Our recommendation is to avoid homemade tricks and follow the most scientifically efficient steps:

  • Go on a white diet whenever you can, but without being too strict. Avoid or reduce your consumption of tea, coffee, chocolate, wine, soy, balsamic vinegar, artichokes and colored carbonated beverages. You must also avoid smoking.
  • Brush your teeth with the right technique and frequency and for the right amount of time. We recommend visiting a dental aesthetics clinic in Palma de Mallorca, where you will learn the right way to brush your teeth in order to whiten them.
  • Get a teeth whitening treatment done by professionals in a renownedly reputed center. The most efficient method for whitening teeth is using laser-activated professional whitening pastes. With this treatment you can make your teeth up to 8 shades whiter and it is usually reinforced at home for 10 days by the usage of whitening gels the dentist will provide you with and that you apply by placing a tray on your teeth while you sleep. This treatment is highly efficient and it doesn’t harm your teeth in any way.

If you wish to receive more information and would like us to assess your particular case, don’t hesitate to make an appointment. Remember that first appointments at our clinic are free of charge.