Find out how dental veneers will look – before starting treatment!

calendario 21-Jul-2017
Dra. Guillem
Specialist in Endodontics and Dental Aesthetics

One of the biggest worries for patients is how their teeth will look after a cosmetic dentistry treatment. Today, thanks to the latest technological advances, it’s possible to find out.

Digital Smile Study

How can we find out how the dental veneers will look? Thanks to the use of the Digital Smile Study protocol, or DSD (Digital Smile Design), it’s possible to show the patient the result of the dental veneer treatment, before starting.

The protocol requires two 30-minute visits and consists of taking and analysing a series of photographic records which enable us to design the form, position and colour of the veneers, making sure they fit best with the patient’s face and lips. They then develop an individualized resin mask that simulates the end result. It fits on top of the patient’s teeth without causing any damage, and they can then take photos and videos for the patient to take home so they can see the final result. Before leaving the consultation, we will remove the mask.

Through DSD, the patient can get an exact idea of what the effects of the treatment will be, using a ‘before and after’. They can therefore make a more informed decision.

The treatment

After making the decision, the dental veneers are fitted; a treatment that we do over three visits at our clinic in Mallorca. At the first visit, dental records are taken and the provisional veneers put in place. During the second, they do a colour and form test. Finally, at the third visit, they use strong adhesive substances to fix the veneers in place, allowing you to chew any kind of food except bones and shells.

How are the dental veneers attached?

Dental veneers are very thin sheets of ceramic that require great skill in order to put in place. To achieve a stable, long-term solution, it is important to prepare the surface of the tooth and the veneers, meticulously, following adequate fixture protocols in order to avoid increasing the risk of complications, such as breaking or detaching.

These delicate protocols require highly qualified professionals and high quality resources. You can find out about the price of dental veneers here, helping you to avoid centres that offer extremely cheap solutions.

Contacting various centres before making the right decision will allow you to get to know the professionals and choose the one that best adapts to your expectations. If you want to discuss your questions with us, remember that your first visit to our clinic is free of charge.