Regeneration of gum tissue

calendario 19-Apr-2016
Dra. Libertad Caro
Specialist in Periodontology and Dental Implantology

Gum recession is a widespread problem in population, caused by diseases such as periodontitis (pyorrhea) or traumatic brushing. The main consequence of this problem is the exposure of tooth roots, which are the most sensitive areas to cold and to decay. Sometimes, this problem is solved with a seal or “filling” of the root, however, this therapeutic method tends to favour even more retraction over the years.

The most natural and biological therapy for gum recession is its regeneration by microsurgical treatments.

The intervention is performed under local anesthesia, it takes about 60-90 minutes and is ambulatory, meaning that the patient can go back home after the procedure. The postoperative discomfort does not last longer than a few days and can be controlled by conventional painkillers.

We met a 27-year-old patient who attended Clínica Pronova to find a solution for some discomfort related to a retracted gum while eating. After examination, the patient was recommended to a regeneration of the gum through microsurgery.

The final result shows a full recovery of the gum and the disappearance of the patients’ discomfort.