Keys to the price of dental implant

calendario 31-Oct-2016
Dr. Rafael Blanes
Medical Director, specialist in Advanced Dental Implantology

The price of a treatment with dental implants can vary depending on many factors:

The most determining factor is undoubtedly the experience and knowledge of the dental surgeon. The knowledge of a surgeon is acquired in university programmes. There are training programmes in dental implant surgery in which the dentist exclusively studies 2-3 years of speciality.

They are very complete programs which allow the surgeon to acquire a great ability in the interventions. There are also other smaller weekend programs, but the gained knowledge and technical skills are limited.
In summary, we can say that the greater the experience, the knowledge and the skill of the surgeon, the faster the treatments and with more success, fewer failures, fewer complications, less discomfort, more durability and more aesthetic teeth are obtained.

All dental implantology specialists at Clínica Pronova have a university training exclusively for 2 to 3 years, which guarantees a high success in the results of dental implant treatments.
Another factor is the brand of dental implants. There are many brands of dental implants, but only 5 brands have published rigorous scientific studies of a follow-up of patients older than 10 years. Implants without studies are cheaper, but also more uncertain.

Last but not least, it is the service provided by the dental clinic. We provide high technology, comfort of facilities, coordination of treatments, wide schedules, exquisite attention, punctuality, use of rigorous protocols of treatments, program of guarantees, detailed information of the diagnosis and dental treatments, management of anxiety through techniques of sedation or the possibility of solving complex cases, allow us to satisfy the expectations that all patients demand today.

Unfortunately, these factors have a high cost / investment for the dental clinic, which has an impact on the final price of treatment with dental implants. However, the benefits to the patient generated by all these details of quality of care are unquestionable.

If you want to start a dental implant treatment, go to Clínica Pronova and find out what our team of specialists can do for your oral health.