How long do veneers last?

calendario 30-Jun-2017
Dra. Prats
Specialist in Endodontics and Dental Aesthetics

Veneers are incredibly thin sheets of ceramic or resin that are permanently fixed onto the surface of the teeth to improve their shape, colour and aspect: undoubtedly the least invasive treatment for improving the appearance of your teeth.

You’ll have heard people say that veneers fall off or break, and for that reason, it’s better to choose crowns since they are longer-lasting. This is completely false: these days, the techniques used to both make and place veneers has been perfected, and they last even longer than crowns.

How long veneers last depends on a number of factors.

The first is related to how you care for them. Patients who regularly look after their veneers and follow a strict cleaning regimen will ultimately have less problems. Veneer care should include rigorous oral hygiene, brushing with a manual or electric toothbrush every eight hours, as well as using dental floss. A visit to the dentist every 6-12 months for a deep cleaning treatment is also recommended, as it helps to remove any bacteria that may have been missed by just daily brushing. This treatment can help prevent cavities or conditions such as periodontitis, which put both veneers and teeth at risk.

The second factor has to do with the way veneers are made. How long do composite and porcelain veneers last? Veneers made of resin are the cheapest, but they are also more likely to break. On average, resin veneers last 5-7 years and they generally require a touch-up over this time. Ceramic veneers may be more expensive, but the risk of them breaking is much lower. Scientific studies over 20 years show that just 2-3% have problems such as cavities or them breaking.

The third and final factor has to do with the foods we eat. Although veneers are very resistant, we should try to avoid chewing bones, fruit pips and stones (cherries, peaches, etc.), shells, as well as keeping in mind that porcelain veneers are more resistant than resin ones.

Veneers are an excellent treatment option to improve a person’s smile and appearance, in addition to their self-esteem. Have you ever thought about improving your smile with veneers? We can offer you a free assessment. We’re waiting for you!