Sapphire brackets

One of the best esthetic orthodontic solutions.

Sapphire brackets are a type of bracket made of monocrystalline sapphire and have the characteristic of being very translucent. This type of orthodontics fulfills all the properties required by esthetic orthodontics, highlighting its great transparency, minimum size and resistance to scratching. In addition, they are not stained by tobacco, coffee, tea or other foods.
These sapphire brackets meet the technical needs for orthodontics to be carried out as accurately and quickly as possible, with low friction with the archwire so that the teeth can be aligned quickly, resistance to fracture and deformation and good adhesion to the tooth thanks to its zirconium powder mesh.

Real clinical cases

Before and after treatment

A 51-year-old patient comes to our center with aged, dark teeth and dental malposition with tooth crowding. The patient requests to improve the appearance of his smile, so we propose an orthodontic treatment with invisalign to correct the position of his teeth, teeth whitening to gain luminosity and porcelain dental veneers. The treatment lasted 6 months and 9 appointments were necessary.

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In your first visit we will make a rigorous examination of 1 hour, where we will do a dental and gum examination as well as conventional x-rays in order to offer you a complete diagnosis and service.

Do you know if you really need orthodontics? Do you know the different types of braces and which one is best for you?

Find the answers to your questions about esthetic orthodontics in this guide.

Treatment of overbite

Clínica Pronova has become a reference in the Balearic community in this type of techniques, offering reliable and lasting results to its patients.