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The most innovative dental implant techniques of the highest quality.

We unite science and technology to provide the most effective personalized solutions.

The use of bone grafts in order to reconstruct the lost jawbone involves higher waiting periods (up to several months) in order to place fixed teeth.

Clínica Pronova has been pioneer in Majorca in techniques that let us place fixed teeth on implants in 24 hours even in jaws with scarcity of bone. These techniques are minimally invasive, painless, and highly effective.


The technology applied to implant dentistry has evolved considerably in the last decade. In the past, the lack of bone had to be compensated by bone grafts.

Nowadays, thanks to the diagnosis by 3D image, it is possible to perform a virtual surgery guided by the computer that helps us to optimize the bone volume as much as possible, allowing dental implants to be placed in perioral areas such as the zygomatic or the pterygoid bone. They also help us place angled implants to bypass boneless areas or introduce dental implants away from the nerve structures by means of short implants.


Fixed teeth without bone graft

Fixed teeth without bone graft before


Fixed teeth without bone graft before


Do you know which are the best dental implants? How long do they last?

We solve your doubts so you can make the right decision with this practical guide of Implant Dentistry.

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