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We make the implants in jaws with little bone possible.

The scarcity of bone is not an obstacle for the placement of fixed teeth on dental implants anymore.

Nowadays, there is a vast range of techniques to regenerate the lost bone mass, some of them being bone substitutes, membranes, and growth factors that reconstruct partially or totally the lost bone. Following the aforementioned techniques, we are now able to place dental implants.

Clínica Pronova has become a reference within the Balearic Medical Community in the performance of those techniques, providing our patients with reliable and long-lasting results. Many dentists in Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca recommend our clinic to patients with little jawbone for the placement of dental implants using advanced techniques.

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The techniques that allow the placement of dental implants in jaws with little bone include the zygomatic implants, the pterygoid implants, the angulated implants and the short length implants (6 mm).

These techniques offer the possibility of optimizing the residual bone to the maximum, using anchors in bony areas in the oral perimeter. Its application requires advanced knowledge of implant surgery and its success rate is similar to conventional techniques.

Bone graft in jaws with little bone

bone-graft-in-jaws-with-little-bone before


bone-graft-in-jaws-with-little-bone after


Do you know which are the best dental implants? How long do they last?

We solve your doubts so you can make the right decision with this practical guide of Implant Dentistry.

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