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Dental stains or “stained teeth” are a common reason for consultation in dental centers. They are usually caused by dental trauma in the past, root canal treatments, medication intake or by some eating habits. These stains can affect the self-esteem of the patient, making him feel uncomfortable with his smile.

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The problem of severe stains can not be resolved with a single dental treatment, it requires collaboration of several specialists, such as a periodontist, a endodontist and a specialist in dental aesthetics.

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A 42-year-old patient came to Clínica Pronova to find the solution for the severe staining of his right upper central incisor, which had been stained as a result of past trauma. The patient also felt worried about the receding of the gum on the stained tooth experienced in recent years. The treatment required a combination of several therapies. First, the gum regeneration through a gingival graft in the piece that suffered gum loss. Subsequently, a repetition of the root canal treatment and internal whitening was performed. Finally, porcelain veneers were placed on all the front dental pieces. The result has been very satisfactory for the patient, who tells us that she feels very grateful and satisfied for the change experienced.

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