At Pronins, we give you advise and answer all your questions about children's orthodontics

At the Pronins Dental Clinic, we advise you and answer all your questions about children's orthodontics. Our professionals have specialized in Pediatric Orthodontics and, in the consultation in Palma de Mallorca, they will be able to assess if your children need orthodontics. For each patient, the most appropriate type of child orthodontic treatment will be indicated. At Pronins, we take care of the dental health of the little ones in the family, so that they can enjoy strong and healthy permanent teeth.

Children’s Orthodontics is the dental specialty that deals with correcting the position and location of teeth and maxillary bones during childhood. The pediatric orthodontist will be the professional who will analyze the growth of the teeth, diagnose occlusion problems and thus indicate the type of child orthodontics necessary.
Children’s orthodontics is necessary when different dental pathologies are diagnosed. Some of them are: dental crowding, bite problems, defects in the palate, or in the location or development of maxillary bones, among others. In general, they are the consequence of genetic defects, of habits such as thumb sucking or the use of pacifiers, among other causes.
Periodic dental visits during childhood are crucial for the professional to follow up. The pediatric orthodontist analyzes the growth of the teeth, the dental position and the development of the maxillofacial structure as a whole.
Performing child orthodontic treatment means correcting problems while the dental position is developing. This implies numerous advantages because as an adult, some of these pathologies could only be solved by surgery or would require longer treatments.

Real clinical cases

Before and after treatment

65-year-old patient who comes to our center with the intention of improving the appearance of her teeth and achieving dental rejuvenation. The treatment consisted in the placement of ceramic dental veneers on her upper and lower teeth. The process was carried out over a period of 2 months and 6 visits.

Types of Children's Orthodontic Treatment

Interceptive Orthodontics

This type of orthodontics for children has the objective of correcting malocclusions early, and thus directing the growth of the entire maxillary apparatus of the patient. It is called interceptive orthodontics because it intervenes in the maxillocranial position and structure when it is in its moment of development. This type of treatment can be performed between 6 and 12 years old, when children have a mixed dentition. The treatment can be carried out using fixed or removable orthodontics, as the child orthodontist considers.

Preventive Orthodontics

This orthodontic treatment seeks to preserve the occlusion and acts before alterations are generated that occur when milk teeth are lost, preventing space for future teeth from being lost.

Corrective Orthodontics

Corrective orthodontics is usually performed after the age of 12 and can be complementary to interceptive treatment. Its objective is to correct the alignment of the teeth and choose between removable or fixed appliances. At Pronins, we are specialists in children’s orthodontics in the Balearic Islands and we offer treatment to children and adolescents. We advise you and explain all the treatment options and their different characteristics.

Types of Children's Orthodontic Treatment

Types of Children's Orthodontics

Fixed orthodontics

Fixed orthodontics consists of the use of fixed appliances such as metal, porcelain and sapphire braces for children. You can also opt for the Damon® system, which can be recommended for young children as it facilitates oral hygiene. The choice of the type of brackets depends on the situation of each child, their diagnosis, their age and their concerns about physical appearance.

Fixed children’s dental orthodontics also often use ligatures, archwires, and bands. For a fun look, orthodontists can add colored bands to help make treatment more comfortable.

Removable orthodontics

Removable appliances are usually applied in cases of crossbite, and mild crowding of teeth, among other diagnoses. They are metal appliances that can be taken off and put on for eating, and will require commitment from patients.

Another type of orthodontics that can be used in children is the invisible one, the Invisalign® system, made of acrylic material. It is recommended for children who play contact sports, children who have minor problems, or children who are concerned about the impact of orthodontics on physical appearance.

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