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The lack of maxillary bone is no longer an obstacle.

Zygomatic implants are a predictable alternative to bone grafts, which allow fixed teeth in 24 hours..

The zygomatic and/or pterygoid implants are anchored at the base of the cheek bone and are therefore they are an ideal option for those patients who have lost bone in the oral area.

For this reason, the lack of maxillary bone is no longer an impediment to the placement of dental implants and fixed teeth in 24 hours, thanks to techniques such as zygomatic implants the limitations in the volume of the maxillary bone are optimised.

Clínica Pronova has been the first dental clinic in Mallorca to use zygomatic implants, an excellent minimally invasive alternative since it is not necessary to perform a complex bone graft surgery.

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Zygomatic implants were designed for the placement of fixed teeth in 24 hours in patients without maxillary bone. They have been used successfully for more than 25 years for the treatment of patients with mouths with little bone and for that reason today we can say that it is a predictable, safe technique with lasting results. Depending on the amount of maxillary bone that the patient presents, three variants of the technique can be used:

  1. Zygoma DUO: two zygoma implants together with 2-4 conventional implants.
  2. Zygoma TRIO: three zygoma implants together with 1-3 conventional implants.
  3. Zygoma QUAD: used in the most severe cases and where only 4 zygomatic implants are needed to place fixed teeth in 24 hours.

The candidates for zygoma or zygomatic implants are those people who meet the following requirements:

  1. Patients without maxillary bone to place conventional implants.
  2. Patients who don’t want bone grafts.
  3. Patients who don’t wish to be hospitalised.
  4. Patients who don’t want long waiting times to place fixed teeth.
  5. Patients who don’t want the long and uncomfortable postoperative periods associated with bone grafts.
  6. Patients who want minimally invasive surgeries.

Bone graft in jaws with little bone

bone-graft-in-jaws-with-little-bone before


bone-graft-in-jaws-with-little-bone after


Do you know which are the best dental implants? How long do they last?

We solve your doubts so you can make the right decision with this practical guide of Implant Dentistry.

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