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Gum problems treated by specialists in Periodontics.

We offer solutions to prevent premature tooth loss.

Periodontitis or "Pyorrhea" is a painless disease that affects the gum and causes the loss of the loss of bone surrounding your teeth, resulting in tooth mobility and a subsequent dental loss.

In fact, periodontitis is the first cause of tooth loss after the age of 35 and the typical signs are bleeding of the gums, gum recession, and even halitosis or bad breath, in addition to the mentioned dental mobility.


The treatment of this disease involves deep disinfection of the gum and education of a pacient about special brushing techniques. The cause of this disease is the bacteria that inhabit the mouth, which have a natural tendency to adhere to teeth surface and then migrate to the interior of the gum. Once inside the gum, they are unattainable when brushing and they release toxins that cause destruction of the bone around teeth, favouring mobility and tooth loss.

To prevent the disease, it is essential to learn special brushing techniques that eliminate the bacteria attached to the tooth, preventing them from getting inside the gum. Similarly, it is advisable to go to a specialized centre in periodontics to perform a disinfection of the gums in order to eliminate bacteria that is already inside. Finally, a periodic and tailored periodontal maintenance program is recommended to prevent reactivation of the disease.


Gum inflammation

gum inflammation case - before


gum inflammation case - after


Do you know what it means to have inflamed gums? Which is the best treatment?

Learn all about gum diseases and take a decision knowing your alternatives with the manual on Periodontics.

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