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A personalized dental treatment with optimal results.

Professional teeth whitening that will allow you to get whiter, rejuvenated and shiny teeth.

This procedure is an effective proven dental technique thanks to which we are able to treat darkened teeth while improving several hues of white in your teeth. The results are whiter and shinier teeth.

The whitening technique consists in the clinic application of an oxidizing gel on the dental surface which is in turn activated by a light. This combination erases the stains that darken the colour of your teeth.

The treatment must be personal and individualized, since the causes and the intensity of the darkening may vary from one patient to another.


Tooth whitening is a harmless treatment that does not weaken the tooth, as long as it is performed by specialized dentists who supervise the technique and the products used. It is common to advertise pharmacy products (toothpastes, mouthwashes, gels, etc.) that suggest high efficacy, but it has been scientifically proven to be false.

Whitening is only effective with specific products at high concentrations that are not available in the pharmacy. Moreover, it is not advisable to perform whitening treatment without the supervision of a specialized dentist, since the complications associated with whitening can increase: sensitivity, ulceration of the gums, etc.


Dark stained teeth

case-dark-stained-teeth before


case-dark-stained-teeth after


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