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Gingival recession can happen at any age.

Periodontitis or "Pyorrhea" causes bone loss around the teeth once the retraction of the gums has advanced.

Clínica Pronova has experienced specialists in the gum reconstruction techniques, who use growth factors and modern regenerative techniques.

In addition, these techniques also allow the reconstruction of lost bone by the use of growth factors that are placed around the tooth to promote bone regeneration.

These techniques, customized to each patient, not only improve the prognosis of the affected tooth, but also prevent its loss.


The techniques of bone reconstruction around the teeth allow us to improve the long-term teeth prognosis.

Due to the periodontitis bone loss being difficult to recover, these regenerative techniques become very important when it comes to avoiding tooth loss, as they reinforce the tooth in the long term.


Bone reconstruction around teeth

bone-reconstruction-around-teeth before


bone-reconstruction-around-teeth after


Do you know what it means to have inflamed gums? Which is the best treatment?

Learn all about gum diseases and take a decision knowing your alternatives with the manual on Periodontics.

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