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Periodontitis or “pyorrhea” is a painless disease that affects the gums and causes the loss of the bone surrounding the teeth, favoring an increased mobility of the teeth, which can ultimately lead to tooth loss. In fact, periodontitis is the leading cause of tooth loss after the age of 35 and the typical signs are bleeding gums, gum recession, and even halitosis or bad breath, in addition to the aforementioned dental mobility.
The treatment of this disease involves deep disinfection of the gums and training the patient in special brushing techniques. The cause of this disease is the bacteria that live in the mouth, which have the natural tendency to adhere to the surface of the teeth and then migrate into the gum. Once inside the gum, they are unreachable by brushing and release toxins that produce the destruction of the bone around the teeth, favoring tooth mobility and tooth loss.
To prevent the disease, it is essential to learn special brushing techniques that eliminate the bacteria adhered to the tooth, preventing them from getting inside the gum. It is also advisable to go to a center specialized in periodontics to perform a disinfection of the gums to eliminate the bacteria inside them. Finally, a periodic and tailored periodontal maintenance program is recommended to avoid reactivation of the disease.

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A 54-year-old patient who came to our center due to severe dental mobility and worried about the appearance of his teeth. After the diagnosis of periodontitis, you decide on a treatment to save your teeth and improve the aesthetics of your smile through zirconium bridges and crowns. The treatment lasted 5 months and 8 appointments were necessary.

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