Regeneration of gums and lost bone

Receding gums can appear at any age.

Clínica Pronova has experienced specialists in the use of techniques for gum reconstruction using growth factors and modern regenerative techniques. In addition, these techniques also allow the reconstruction of lost bone through the use of growth factors that are placed around the tooth to promote bone regeneration. These techniques, customized for each patient, not only improve the prognosis of the affected tooth, but also prevent tooth loss.
Bone reconstruction techniques around the teeth improve the long-term prognosis of the teeth. Since the bone lost in periodontitis is difficult to recover, these regenerative techniques are very important in preventing tooth loss, as they strengthen the tooth in the long term.

Real clinical cases

Before and after treatment

The present case report is of a 45-year-old female patient undergoing periodontal maintenance. Part 36 had a bone defect and a periodontal pocket 10 mm deep. Conventional periodontal disinfection treatment did not solve this problem and occasionally the gingiva would fester. We proposed to treat it by microsurgery with the help of a biomaterial and we regenerated the lost bone around this molar.

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In your first visit we will make a rigorous examination of 1 hour, where we will do a dental and gum examination as well as conventional x-rays in order to offer you a complete diagnosis and service.

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Inflammation of the gum

Clínica Pronova has become a reference in the Balearic community in this type of techniques, offering reliable and lasting results to its patients.