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We handle your oral and dental health in a personalized way.

We perform maintenance to prevent the reactivation of periodontitis.

Periodontics is the specialty that treats the prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of periodontitis, and also takes care of its maintenance.

A long-term control of periodontal disease requires a periodic disinfection program of the gums; otherwise, the disease will reactivate itself again.

Clínica Pronova will design a personalized periodontal maintenance program for you in order to control your periodontal disease, as well as to avoid cavities or other oral diseases.


Periodic and individualized periodontal maintenance is a program that prevents the reactivation of periodontitis in the long term and therefore helps avoiding the bone loss around the teeth and the subsequent tooth loss.

The maintenance program consists in a treatment of deep painless disinfection of the gum with sedation by nitrous oxide. The treatment takes 45-60 minutes, during which the bacteria inside the gum will be eliminated, dental brushing techniques will be reviewed and possible progression of periodontitis will be analysed.


Gum recession

gum recession case - before


gum recession case - after