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The most imperceptible system of cosmetic orthodontics.

An invisible and 100% personalized treatment that adapts perfectly to the anatomy of your teeth.

Lingual braces are fixed devices that are placed on the inside of the teeth, that is, they are braces fitted behind your teeth. This system is more cosmetic than the conventional braces. Among its advantages we find:

  • Being on the inside of the teeth, the tongue facilitates cleaning while eating.
  • You achieve practically the same results as with conventional orthodontics.
  • By not wearing braces on the external side of the teeth you avoid antiesthetic decalcification.
  • It is a system focused on patients who need an aesthetic plus, since it’s the most invisible solution of all orthodontic systems.

One of the biggest concerns of patients wearing braces is how to brush their teeth with the appliances in their mouths. It is important to mention that even though in these cases brushing requires a little more dedication, it is not an excessively tiring habit.

The recommended brushing should include electric brush and interdental brushes, as well as mouthwashes and periodontal maintenance of the periodical gums, sometimes every 2 months until the end of the treatment. The lack of proper hygiene can lead to tooth decay or bone loss around the teeth.

Do you you really need orthodontics? Do you know the different types of braces and which one would best suit you?

Find the answer to your questions about orthodontics in this guide.

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