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Specialists in the placement of dental implants in Mallorca.

At Clínica Pronova we are pioneers in techniques of placing fixed teeth without bone grafting.

Implant dentistry is the specialty that allows the replacing of one or more missing teeth in the most natural way possible. At Clínica Pronova we are specialists in complex dental implantology cases and we use different minimally invasive techniques, to ensure the greatest comfort and effectiveness for our patients.

The loss of teeth affects not only aesthetics but also people's everyday lives. In light of that, in our clinic we have the best solution for this type of case. Dental implants allow us to place artificial titanium roots inside the bone so that we can then place the new permanent teeth and recover our smile, self-confidence and masticatory function.

There are different sizes of dental implants. These will depend on how much space our patients have for their placement and the amount of remaining bone. For more information, see the video of Doctor Rafael Blanes.

First visit complete and extensive

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Do you know which are the best dental implants? How long do they last?

We solve your doubts so you can make the right decision with this practical guide of Implant Dentistry.

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Being specialists in dental implants in Palma de Mallorca, in Clínica Pronova we practice various techniques for implant placement.

Zygomatic implants

Zygomatic implants

Zygomatic implants are a predictable alternative to bone grafts, since they are anchored at the base of the cheekbone and therefore are ideal for those patients who have lost bone in the buccal area. The lack of maxillary bone is no longer an impediment to implant placement.

implantes dentales sin hueso

Implants in jaws with scarcity of bone

In Clínica Pronova we have multiple techniques to regenerate the lost bone mass, thus allowing the placement of fixed teeth on dental implants. As a reference clinic in these techniques, we offer reliable and long-lasting results to our patients.

implantes dentales en un dia

Dental implants in a day

The placement of fixed teeth, 24 hours after the placement of the dental implants, is possible in cases when the bone anatomy is favourable (bone width of 7 mm and bone height of 8 mm) as in cases where the maxillary bone it is practically absent.

implantes dentales sin injerto

Dental implants without bone grafts

The lack of jawbone is no longer an obstacle to the placement of dental implants, due to multiple techniques that optimize the limitations in the volume of jawbone. As a dental clinic and implant specialists, we have been pioneers in Mallorca in this type of techniques.

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Dental Health cases


Fixed teeth in a day

before fixed-teeth-in-a-day case


after fixed-teeth-in-a-day case



Fixed teeth without bone graft

before - Fixed teeth without bone graft


after - Fixed teeth without bone graft



Fixed teeth with little bone

before - Fixed teeth with little bone


after - Fixed teeth with little bone


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