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Clínica Pronova is a highly recognised dental centre in Spain, where a specialised dental team offers advanced techniques through the use of top equipment and superb facilities. We are specialised in full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants in cases with lack of bone and atrophic maxilar, in addition to complex dental cosmetic therapy and treatment of severe periodontal disease.

Our team is lead by Dr. Rafael Blanes, who trained during 3 years as a postgraduate student in Periodontics and Dental Implants at the prestigious Baylor College of dentistry in USA, where he also completed a Master Science Degree. He continue his education at the Geneva dental School, where he was trained in Cosmetic Dentistry with one of the most recognised leaders in this discipline, Professor Urs Belser. In addition, he completed a Doctorate in Dentistry in the area of implant biomechanics. In 2000, Dr. Blanes founded Clínica Pronova, a multidisciplinary leader dental centre with a 18 years of experience offering advanced dental solutions to complex dental problems.

The following table shows a comparison price list from top quality specialised UK dental clinics. Mind that fees will vary depending on the complexity of the case. Each patient is evaluated individually, with a detailed assessment and a specific treatment plan presented. Patient treatment plan will be fully discussed with the patient and presented in a written proposal.

Comparison of prices

From top quality specialised UK dental centres

Fillings & Root Fillings

Prosthetic Treatments

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Conscious Sedation


Implant Dentistry

Periodontal Treatment

Cosmetic Dentistry

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