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Save money on your dental treatments while enjoying your holidays in Mallorca

The Spanish Health System has a great prestige and reputation not only in Spain, but also among foreign countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) places us in the 7th position regarding the health systems of the world. In addition, Spain is one of the countries in Europe with more professionals in dentistry, which has led to having the most competitive quality and prices in the European Union. Clinics have cutting-edge technology and dental treatments cost approximately half of the price that the United Kingdom clinics.

And, why choose Mallorca?

Mallorca is the largest Spanish island in the Mediterranean. Along its coastline you will find some beaches and of worldwide prestigious coves where you can sunbathe and relax or practice a wide variety of water sports.

The nature of the island is also remarkable, especially the landscape you will find in Sierra de Tramuntana, full of contrasts. Hiking or biking are very popular sports on the island, but so is golf with its many courses available. Knowing its rich culture is also possible in the capital, Palma, which offers a wide variety of leisure, entertainment and culinary possibilities.

As you can see, there are many reasons to travel to this enclave of the Balearic Islands. But also, while you are spending your holidays in Mallorca, you can leverage all your time in benefit of your dental health. Carrying out a planned dental treatment in this island supposes a series of advantages with respect to a treatment in your country of origin.

Cala Agulla Beach in Mallorca

Palma Cathedral

And among the reasons that motivate our travelling patients to choose our clinic in Mallorca for these cases, it stands out:

  • The high quality of Health.
  • The absence of waiting lists.
  • Treatment with competitive price.
  • Post-surgical comfort.
  • Good weather conditions.
  • Excellent tourist and cultural offer.
  • Low cost of residence and flight.
  • Great recovery environment.

Dental treatment process abroad

Step 1.First Contact

A qualified expert from Clínica Pronova will contact you (by Skype or phone) to assess your needs and propose the appropriate minimally invasive treatment. In these circumstances, the patient’s dental history is very helpful.

Step 2.First appointment

In our dental clinic we will proceed with a rigorous 1-hour examination, including dental and gum explorations, x-rays, 3D scanner and other tests according to the complexity of each case that will allow us to offer you a final budget.

Step 3.Procedure

In your next appointment, our punctual specialist will carry out the right treatment for you. We have a multidisciplinary team in our clinic, so we cover all specialties related to dental health and we provide most treatments in one day.

Step 4.Follow-up

Once again, one of our qualified experts will contact you to assess the effectiveness of your personalised treatment, since we guarantee optimal results in all dental dentistry disciplines. Even in the most complex cases we offer definitive solutions.

Main dental treatment in Clínica Pronova

Comparison of prices

Top quality specialised UK dental centres

Treatments Cost in UK Cost in Clínica Pronova SAVE
First consultation (including panoramic x-ray) from 190,00 € FREE 100%
3D cone beam computed tomography from 295,00 € FREE 100%
Planning for the placement of implant fixture from 180,00 € FREE 100%
Conventional surgical implant placement (each) from 1.950,00 € from 995,00 € 49%
Periodontal deep disinfection (per quadrant) from 200,00 € from 155,00 € 23%
Periodontal surgery (per quadrant) from 750,00 € from 495,00 € 34%
Root canal treatment (front tooth) from 545,00 € from 280,00 € 49%
Porcelain veneer (per tooth) from 1.100,00 € from 595,00 € 46%
Inlay/onlay ceramics on tooth from 945,00 € from 495,00 € 48%

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