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We treat the defects and irregularities of your teeth.

We use advanced aesthetic dentistry techniques to restore a natural and long-lasting dentition.

When the teeth are partially or totally destroyed by tooth decay or by a dental fracture, it is necessary to restore them. If this treatment is not performed, the tooth may continue to break until its restoration is impossible and therefore it must be removed.

Depending on the size of the deconstruction of the tooth, we will use a resin material (composite) if the damage is not severe, or we will cover the composite reconstruction with a ceramic piece if the tooth defect is greater.


The first step to perform a dental restoration is the isolation of the tooth by a flexible rubber sheet. It isolates the tooth from the saliva and is essential to establish a stable and durable adhesion of the filling material (composite) to the tooth.

For small restorations we prepare the tooth surface for a better adhesion of the composite. Once the tooth has been restored, we proceed to adjust the bite, to check that we can properly pass the dental floss. Finally we proceed to the final polishing and giving the post-operative instructions.

For more complicated restorations we follow the same process, but we also take some records to make a custom piece of ceramic, which we later permanently and durably adhere to the composite filling material.


Broken teeth

broken teeth case - before


broken teeth case - after


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