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A personalized treatment to achieve a more youthful smile.

We analyse the causes of the aging of your teeth to provide you with the most adequate solution.

Dental aging is a natural process caused by our teeth being exposed to food, tobacco, drinks such as coffee and wine, traumatic tooth brushing or tooth wearing due to mastication.

This progressive deterioration of our teeth causes darkened or yellow teeth, worn teeth, stains, cracks on the surface of our teeth, dental mobility and gum loss.

In order to approach dental rejuvenation, we need a thorough analysis of all the aging signs and a personalized treatment plan so that we can solve the aesthetic problem that concern the patient.


The most common solutions for dental aging arise from a good diagnosis of the causes of aging. If aging happens due to a habit of dental clenching or bruxism, we should reduce it by using special devices. Subsequently, we will apply whitening techniques and veneers to recover tooth wear. If, on the other hand, the cause of aging is darkening of the teeth, we must analyse the causes of the darkening to reduce or eliminate them.

After controlling the causes of darkening, we will proceed to the whitening of the dark pieces by means of resin or ceramic dental veneers or internal or external whitening techniques by laser. Finally, if the aging is due to a problem of poor dental position, then the invisible orthodontic treatment will be the most adequate solution.

dental wear case - before


dental wear case - after