Experiences: Dental implants

“They told me I would have my teeth fixed in 24h… and that’s precisely the way it was”

testimonio implantes 24 horas clínica pronova

Implants – Mrs. C.M.

Before her first visit to CLINICA PRONOVA, Mrs. C.M. had all her teeth extracted. She had very little bone in the upper jawbone, a circumstance that stood in the way of the placement of dental implants; therefore, she had been suggested a treatment involving bone grafting in order to have her teeth fixed. This solution didn’t satisfy her since it implied a longer treatment time and no real guarantees of success.

In her first visit to CLINICA PRONOVA, our specialists carried out a thorough study of her maxillary bone and the following week she got her fixed teeth placed thanks to a minimally invasive treatment, with no need of grafts. In 24 hours we placed a fixed prosthesis thanks to which she lives a normal life since the very first moment she left our Clinic.

“One’s self-confidence resides in the way one smiles”

testimonio tratamiento periodontitis clínica pronova

Implants – Mr. J.E.D.

In the case of J.E.D., we decided to choose implants when he started to lose teeth due to a severe gum disease. In 24 hours, we placed what he considers a “perfect” set of teeth.

J.E.D. also explains the way his older teeth made him feel and how his life has changed after the treatment.

First visit, complete and extensive

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