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A modern dental clinic equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Clínica Pronova now has facilities which are located in Polígono de Son Morro. Our new clinic has modern, comfortable and spacious areas, for the intention of improving the experience of our patients during their visits and to be able to enjoy the convenience of our services:

  • All dental cabinets have views of the garden, to create a cosy atmosphere before and during every type of intervention.
  • The intelligent operating theatre for oral and maxillofacial surgery is equipped with the most advanced technology and with the option of performing surgical interventions with General Anaesthetic.
  • The modern waiting room has all types of children’s entertainment, so that they can enjoy their visit to the dentist.
  • Our patients have a free parking area which is located inside the building.
  • In addition, our new building is smart and considerate to the environment. We have technologies to reduce and control energy consumption, optimising the energy which is generated from air conditioning the centre. These new technologies also allow the water which is used in dental treatments to follow strict processes of purification and disinfection to eliminate impurities and bacterial deposits.

Exterior: Main facade
Exterior: Side facade
Exterior: Side facade
interior: Reception
Interior: Waiting room
interior: Hall
interior: Waiting room
Interior: Children's room
Interior: Box 1
Interior: Box 2
Interior: Box 3
Interior: Classroom 1
Interior: Classroom 2

The dental cabinets are equipped with advanced technology to provide dental treatment with the highest standards of quality.
In the same way, our intelligent operating theatres offer state-of-the-art equipment in order to facilitate the execution of dental treatments at the highest technical level available which are provided by our team of microsurgery specialists, such as:

  • Surgical microscope.
  • Nitrous oxide shots to relax the patient.
  • Anaesthetic monitors for conscious sedation.
  • Digital radiology equipment.

Our radiology room is equipped with a 3D scanner which captures high quality, three-dimensional images of the maxillary bones, thus facilitating the precision in minimally invasive techniques. These are applied in our centre and allow patients to achieve painless interventions with a quick recovery time.

The disinfection and sterilisation unit or dental instruments meets the strictest requirements to ensure absolute safety in our dental treatments. We achieve the highest levels of sterilisation available thanks ato the use of state-of-the-art machinery, such as a thermos-disinfector, digital sealers and class B autoclaves.

This technology is complemented by rigorous infection control protocols which are validated by ISO 9001, such as daily spot tests and traceability of sterilised instruments.

In addition, for those patients suffering from odontophobia (fear of the dentist) our centre offers conscious sedation using nitrous oxide. This is a relaxation system that is designed to achieve pain-free treatment in patients suffering from dental treatment anxiety.

Clínica Pronova also has advanced software systems, such as the DSD (Digital Smile Design®) to analyse your smile and show you how the final result of your dental aesthetic treatment would look before you undertake it.
Through this innovative digital analysis system, we will produce photos of your face and teeth with the intention of analysing your features and gestures, incorporating them into the software system and ultimately designing a personalised, natural and highly aesthetic dental treatment.

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