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Daily dental hygiene is essential, but not infallible.

Deep professional dental cleaning sessions are essential to maintain dental and gum health.

Deep dental cleaning or periodontal disinfection is a professional treatment aimed at eliminating the bacteria inside the gum that cause periodontitis, the oral disease that destroys the bone and gum surrounding the teeth.

Deep tooth cleaning is important because if not done, the bacteria accumulated inside the gum release toxins that destroy the bone supporting the teeth. This destruction is usually painless and imperceptible by the patient.

The advised frequency of these deep dental cleaning sessions depends on some factors, such as the effectiveness of brushing techniques patient uses and the predisposition of the patient to periodontitis. Most patients require this treatment every 6-12 months, although those with severe periodontitis may need a 3-4 month frequency.


Deep dental cleaning should be done by specialized hygienists who have the appropriate skills and knowledge to guarantee a painless treatment and achieve a correct efficacy when it comes to eliminating the bacteria that colonized the inside of the gums. The cleaning begins with an assessment of the efficiency of brushing, reviewing the brushing technique with the patient.

Next, we perform clinical and radiographic exploration of the gums and teeth to assess their state. We try to detect tooth decay and measure the depth of periodontal pockets in the gums to rule out a periodontitis problem. Finally we proceed with the deep cleaning.

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