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A new style of low friction orthodontics.

A more comfortable braces for an easy treatment of sores and ulcers.

Self-ligating braces, known as Damon braces, are a type of orthodontics that has a gate that traps a high quality steel wire. No need for ligatures. When closing this gate, the wire is trapped by the brace. In addition, they cause less sores and ulcers on the soft tissues, and are very comfortable to wear.

These orthodontic treatments take less time since their anchoring system gives us faster movements of the teeth. This system allows us to align the teeth drawing broad smiles.

Moreover, they retain less food and bacterial plaque since it ligatures are not necessary to use, while in conventional orthodontics it is essential to use them to join the wire and the brace.

Dental protrusion

antes tratamiento resalte dental


después tratamiento resalte dental