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Improving the shape and volume of your gum will allow you to have a more natural smile.

We help you bring back a luminous, radiant and harmonious appearance of your gum.

Cosmetic imperfections in shape, volume and symmetry of the gums can alter the appearance of a smile. These imperfections include:

  • Gum retraction, exposing the roots of the teeth.
  • Gingival smile due to gum excess.
  • Overgrowth of the gum due to gum inflammation.
  • Gum depression after tooth extraction.
  • Asymmetry of gingival margins.
  • Traumatic lip frenulum.

Nowadays you can recover the harmony and natural look of your gums and correct all these imperfections with a quick treatment, in just one session.


The defects of shape of the gums can generate asymmetries and shadows around the teeth when smiling. Through minimally invasive microsurgery treatments we can recover the volume of lost gum with a high success rate, eliminating undesirable shadows, facilitating hygiene by brushing technics and preventing progression or the appearance of periodontitis. These treatments are highly effective and painless, and guarantee immediate recovery.

To get a good advice it is important that you go to dentists specialized in gum treatment or periodontics to achieve more reliable and lasting results.


Gingival smile treatment

Antes - tratamiento sonrisa gingival


Después - tratamiento sonrisa gingival


Do you want to achieve a natural smile that identifies with your personality?

Learn why cosmetic veneers are the ideal solution to transform your smile with this practical guide.

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