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Cosmetic dentistry

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We create the smile that identifies the true you.

In Clínica Pronova we create perfect, natural and long-lasting smiles for people who are looking for their own personal style.

Cosmetic dentistry is the specialty responsible for maintaining a perfect smile, through different treatments such as dental veneers, dental rejuvenation and dental reconstruction among others.

The design of a smile mostly depends on tiny details that you might not spot at first sight. A beautiful and natural smile is characterized by the perfect harmony of all its elements, including colour, shape, texture and position. In Clínica Pronova we are specialists in creating attractive, practical, timeless and flawless smiles.

  • We have the most advanced cosmetic and restoration treatments.
  • We use state-of-the-art materials.
  • We design smiles that fit the needs and wishes of each patient.
  • Highly effective and minimally invasive treatments.

First visit, complete and extensive


Do you want to smile with more confidence and a natural smile that identifies you?

Discover all the possibilities dental cosmetic veneers offer you. In this practical guide you will find out about the solutions to transform your smile.

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At Clínica Pronova we offer different personalized solutions so that you can have a natural and long-lasting smile.

blanqueamiento dental

Teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening is an effective proven dental technique that allows treating darkened teeth while improving several hues of white in your teeth, taking into account the causes and the intensity of the darkening in each case individually.

carillas dentales de composite o ceramica

Composite or porcelain veneers

This treatment allows us to recover the lost tooth structure and improve the aesthetics of the smile in dark, worn, stained, crooked teeth or to close spaces between teeth. We use personalized, safe and effective techniques with lasting results.

Cosmetic gum microsurgery

Cosmetic imperfections in shape, volume and symmetry in the gum can be corrected by rapid treatments. Gingival cosmetic microsurgery will help you recover the harmony and natural appearance of the gum.

rejuvenecimiento dental

Dental rejuvenation

Dental aging is a natural process caused by our teeth being exposed to numerous factors. In order to approach dental rejuvenation, we need a thorough analysis of all the aging signs and a personalized treatment plan.

Dental Cleaning

Many dental stains can be eliminated by means of a dental cleaning, where manual instruments and appliances such as ultrasound or bicarbonate spray are used. These procedures allow to eliminate dark or yellowish dental stains and to recover the natural shine of the teeth.

reconstruccion dental

Dental restoration

The fracture of the teeth due to decay, bruxism or small accidental traumas leaves the tooth with irregular edges or unsightly shapes. Through the use of dental veneers, new generation composed of advanced aesthetic dentistry techniques it is possible to reconstruct the tooth with a long-lasting and natural effect.

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Dental Health cases


Dark stained teeth

before Dark stained teeth case


after Dark stained teeth case


Ceramic veneers

before - ceramic veneers case


after - ceramic veneers case



Gingival smile

before - Gingival smile case


after - Gingival smile case



Dental wear

before - dental wear case


after - dental wear case



Broken teeth

before - broken teeth case


after - broken teeth case


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