Experiences: Cosmetic Dentistry

“I had a gap between my teeth and I didn’t really like my smile”

testimonio carillas porcelana clinica pronova

Veneers – Mr. C.L.

Patient C.L. first came to CLINICA PRONOVA because he didn’t like his smile. There was a gap between his teeth due to a prior dental fracture and he had a tooth smaller than the average. After evaluating his case with Digital Smile Design, we designed a multidisciplinary treatment that included a microsurgery of his gums in order to align his gingival margins and the subsequent placement of porcelain veneers. The patient tried different designs of veneers until he found the ones he liked the most and the final result was very satisfactory.

In this testimony, the patient reveals that his new teeth have a very natural appearance and he feels much better now than with his older set of teeth.

“Not only has my appearance changed, but also my personality”

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Treatment – Mrs. I.S.

The patient I.S. came to our dental clinic because she had missing dental pieces, had dental mobility and did not like the look of her smile. The patient showed a high degree of odontophobia or “fear of the dentist”, so the treatments were performed with conscious sedation techniques.

The proposed treatment plan included the removal of the unusable dental pieces, the placement of a graft to reconstruct the lost gum and the insertion of dental implants. The patient reveals how the treatment of cosmetic dentistry has managed to change not only her appearance, but also her personality, assuring us that she has gone from being an introverted person to a more social and extroverted person.

“When you start to see the changes, you feel more like smiling”

testimonio carillas porcelana clínica pronova

Treatment – Mrs. L.M.

The patient L.M. came to our clinic from another center to receive a treatment that would give her a solution for the gap that she had between the two central front tooth and thus improve the appearance of her smile.

After a thorough study of the case, we proposed a treatment plan that included orthodontics and porcelain dental veneers. We also applied Digital Smile Design (DSD®) technique, which allowed the patient to see the results before starting the treatment.

The patient says she feels very comfortable and happy with the results.

First visit, complete and extensive

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