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Aesthetic dental veneers that will make proud of your smile.

We help you get the smile you've always wanted: beautiful, bright and very natural.

Dental veneers are custom-made thin layers made of porcelain or composite material which are adhered to a patient’s teeth safely, effectively and for a long time.

Thanks to this treatment we are able to recover in just 1 session (composite veneers) or in 2 sessions (porcelain veneers) the lost dental structure and improve aesthetics in smiles with darkened and stained teeth, worn and crooked teeth, or even close gaps between teeth.

There can be many reasons to perform this treatment. In the following video Dr. Margarita Prats, our specialist in dental veneers in Mallorca, gives us a brief introduction.


The placement of the veneers on the teeth is a very simple and non-invasive process. Depending on the aesthetic dentistry option you choose, you can have your new teeth from the first treatment session.

In addition, thanks to the most avant-garde adhesive compositions, we make sure that the dental aesthetics with veneers gives us optimal grip and firmness, thus ensuring that the veneers do not come off when chewing.

The veneers are elaborated and placed by specialists in dental aesthetics. Our team includes professionals with an artistic sensibility, who know the most suitable shape, color and position for each patient and thus achieve excellent and natural results.


Porcelain veneers

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Do you want to achieve a natural smile that identifies with your personality?

Learn why cosmetic veneers are the ideal solution to transform your smile with this practical guide.

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