Tooth rejuvenation

Tooth aging is a natural process caused by exposure to food, tobacco, beverages such as coffee or wine, tooth brushing or chewing. This progressive deterioration of the tooth causes dark or yellowish teeth, tooth wear, stains, cracks on the tooth surface, tooth movement and gum loss. Tooth rejuvenation requires a thorough diagnosis of the signs of aging in each case and a treatment plan tailored to solve the aesthetic problems of concern to the patient. The most common solutions for dental aging involve a good diagnosis of the causes of aging.
If the aging is due to a habit of dental clenching or bruxism, we should reduce it through the use of special devices. Subsequently, we will apply whitening techniques and veneers to recover the wear of the teeth.   After controlling the cause of the darkening, we will proceed to whiten the darkened teeth by means of resin or ceramic dental veneers or internal or external laser whitening techniques. Finally, if the aging is due to a problem of dental malposition, then invisible orthodontic treatment will be the most indicated.

Before and after treatment

43-year-old patient who requests to improve the appearance of her teeth, especially the retraction of the gum in one of its pieces and the intense dark color in her central tooth. The treatment began with the whitening of the dark piece and later the gum was regenerated with microsurgery to increase the gum. Finally, ceramic and porcelain veneers were placed on the pieces to achieve a harmonious aesthetic result. The treatment was carried out in 6 months and 11 visits were necessary.

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