Tooth fracture

When teeth are totally or partially destroyed by caries or dental fracture, it is necessary to reconstruct them. If this cosmetic dental treatment is not performed, the tooth may continue to break until it is impossible to reconstruct it and therefore it has to be extracted.   The dam isolates the tooth from saliva and is essential for a stable and durable bond of the filling material (composite) to the tooth.
For small reconstructions we prepare the surface of the tooth for better adhesion of the composite. Once the tooth has been reconstructed, we adjust the bite and check that we can floss properly. Finally, we proceed to the final polishing and to give the postoperative instructions. For large reconstructions we follow the same process, but in addition we take a few records to fabricate a customized ceramic piece, which we then permanently and durably bond onto the composite filling material.

Before and after treatment

A 25-year-old patient who attended due to broken central teeth while playing soccer. The treatment consisted of the repair and reconstruction of his fractured teeth by means of composite veneers placed in a single session.  

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