Receding Gums

In this clinical case, we will analyse the before and after treatment of receding gums. Receding gums, also called gingival recession, is a gum disease that can be caused by different reasons and consists of the gums receding and therefore the root of the tooth being exposed. To understand the importance of this pathology, which is so frequent in the dental clinic, we must remember that the gums have the function of covering the root of the teeth, they keep the teeth protected and in place. Periodontitis or "pyorrhoea" (a painless periodontal disease that destroys the gums), the lack of regular professional oral maintenance, or aggressive or traumatic brushing are the most frequent causes of gum recession. When the gum tissue recedes, different problems appear, such as dental hypersensitivity to cold or heat.
Caries, aesthetic problems and dental mobility can also be generated, as the root is exposed, with the concern of possible long-term tooth loss. Receding gums treatment consists of the application of minimally invasive microsurgery techniques, assisted by microscopy and using collagen sheets, making it possible to recover the totality of the lost gum, recovering the original natural appearance. These new gum reconstruction techniques help to regenerate lost tissue, even in very severe cases. In some clinical cases, recession is accompanied by inflammation of the gums of one or more nearby teeth. When this happens, before the intervention, periodontal disinfection and cleaning are performed to remove bacterial plaque. Then microsurgery can be achieved.

Receding gums: before and after

A 32-year-old patient suffering from severe gingival recession on a lower incisor, causing tooth sensitivity to cold and heat. Following reconstructive microsurgery with collagen, a satisfactory aesthetic result was achieved, and tooth sensitivity was eliminated. To prevent the gums from receding again, we dentists explain the correct methodology for tooth brushing, with a soft-bristled toothbrush. In addition, we recommend regular dental cleaning to eliminate bacteria and prevent gum disease.

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Frequently asked questions

Gums do not regenerate naturally, because it is a tissue that has very little capacity to recover on its own. This is why microsurgery is recommended to prevent the most serious problems of gum recession.
The treatment of periodontitis consists of a disinfection of the gums or “deep cleaning”, a treatment with local anaesthesia that “numbs” the gum and allows cleaning of the space between the tooth and the gum where the tartar and bacteria that cause the disease accumulate. Subsequently, dental implant techniques are often used to harmonize and restructure damaged teeth.
The treatment option to restore receding gums is through minimally invasive microsurgery, in which natural gum can be used, with a graft of the patient’s tissue, or artificial gum, with collagen sheets.