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después - caso sobremordida


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The overbite occurs when the upper front teeth cover the lower front teeth excessively. This type of problems favors the wear of the incisors in the long term, since the contact of the front teeth generates excessive pressure that can also overload the gums and bone that supports the teeth, promoting tooth mobility and tooth loss.

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Overbite can be treated by different orthodontic techniques. The aesthetic braces, the removable Invisalign alienators or the linear braces are excellent options to treat the excessive wear of the front teeth that is experienced by those patients who suffer from overbite.

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A 25-year-old patient who came to the orthodontist because he noticed excessive pressure on the anterior teeth and did not see the lower front teeth when smiling. After a thorough study of this malocclusion, a treatment was planned using invisible ceramic braces that managed to align the teeth in 24 months of treatment and allowed to release excessive pressure on the front teeth.

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