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Después - blanqueamiento dental interno


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The treatment of dark teeth is an increasingly frequent practice in dental clinics. Occasionally, the dental darkening is localized, which makes the problem more visible while smiling or talking with other people. The dental obscuration may be of external or internal origin. The internal obscuration can be caused by the materials used in a previous root canal treatment or necrosis of the pulpal tissues inside the tooth. Its solution requires a more sophisticated treatment than external dental stains, but it is equally effective.

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The internal staining of the teeth is treated clinically by chemical bleaching agents that are placed inside the tooth. This bleaching agent needs to be replaced every 3-5 days until the desired whitening effect is achieved.

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A 39-year-old patient with a yellowish internal dental stain on the upper left central incisor caused by root canals treatment performed 8 years ago. After the diagnosis, the solution was indicated to the patient, to perform the root canal treatment again and then internal teeth whitening treatment. The treatment consisted in the application of an internal bleaching agent that was replaced every 4 days in a total of 3 sessions. The final result of the internal tooth whitening allowed to achieve an identical color to the neighboring tooth.

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