Dental implants for periodontitis

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Periodontitis or “pyorrhea”, a painless but serious disease, is one of the most frequent causes of tooth loss among people aged 45 and above. It generates masticatory and aesthetic issues that make life difficult for people who suffer from it.

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Dental implant treatment has revolutionized modern dentistry, allowing to recover the masticatory capacity and self-esteem of patients who have lost one tooth or more.

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A 44-year-old patient came to our center with a great self-esteem problem caused by the absence of dental pieces lost due to periodontitis. In this case, we opted to rehabilitate the loss of these pieces by means of dental implants placed in a single intervention through a microscope and in a minimally invasive way. Afterwards, temporary fixed teeth were placed, and they were modified in shape and color until the patient’s complete satisfaction. Finally, the provisional teeth were replaced by ceramic teeth. The result was highly appreciated by the patient who fully recovered her self-esteem.

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