Gum retraction

antes - caso retracción de encías


después - caso retracción de encías


problema caso clínico


Gum retraction is a very frequent problem associated with dental diseases such as periodontitis, traumatic brushing or the lack of professional oral hygiene. Retraction of the gum can cause tooth decay, dental hypersensitivity and long-term tooth mobility.

solución caso clínico


The use of minimally invasive microsurgery techniques using natural or artificial gingiva makes it possible to reconstruct the lost gum, preventing the appearance of caries and reducing dental hypersensitivity and tooth mobility.

caso real


A 39-year-old patient came to our center to treat gum retraction around a dental implant. Following the control of gum inflammation by periodontal disinfection, a minimally invasive gum augmentation microsurgery was performed. After a healing period of a few weeks, we could see a satisfactory result: reconstruction of the entire lost gum, favoring an improvement in the aesthetic appearance and health of the dental implant.

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