Fixed teeth in a day

Antes - caso diente fijo en un día


Después - caso diente fijo en un día


problema caso clínico


The loss of a tooth is always a cause for concern, especially when it comes to the front teeth of the mouth. The absence of one of the front teeth generates great insecurity and low self-esteem of those who suffer tooth loss.

solución caso clínico


With the microsurgery techniques that we applied in Clínica Pronova, we proceeded to the placement of a provisional crown (or sheath) by means of a dental implant, all in one day.

caso real


Patient who came to Clínica Pronova to replace a lost dental piece in a long-lasting and immediate way. This patient was able to see her dental aesthetic problem resolved in one day, preventing the front dental piece loss from affecting her daily life. Four months after this emergency intervention, the parient was able to opt for the placement of a fixed ceramic crown, safe and durable, to replace the lost tooth.

First visit, complete and extensive

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