Fixed teeth in a day in jaws with little bone

Antes dientes-fijos-en-un-dia-en-maxilares-con-poco-hueso


Después dientes-fijos-en-un-dia-en-maxilares-con-poco-hueso


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The long waiting time required to place fixed teeth in dental implants is one of the most frequent reasons for frustration of patients with absent dental pieces.

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Currently dentistry has multiple techniques to have the teeth fixed in just 24 hours: Short implants, zygoma implants, angled implants and pterigomaxilares.

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We attended a 58-year-old patient with absence of teeth in the posterior sectors and with anterior teeth suffering from severe mobility. The extraction of the “unusable” teeth and the placement of dental implants in the same operative act were planned. In only 24 hours the patient was given temporary fixed teeth that recovered chewing function of teeth and his self-esteem. The final photograph shows the naturalness and design of the definitive fixed prosthesis.

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