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Dental wear is a frequent problem among elderly and young people suffering from bruxism or “dental clenching”. People suffering from tooth wear have masticatory difficulties and aesthetic smile issues because the teeth are so short that they are not seen when smiling, favoring an image of oral and facial aging.

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Existing dental solutions are highly effective and not very traumatic. Through relaxation techniques such as nitrous oxide and the use of dental veneers or minimally invasive dental implants, we can recover teeth and enamel lost due to wear.

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Our patient J.L., 63 years old, came to our center due to severe dental wear that made chewing food difficult for him. In the same way, dental wear diminished his self-esteem due to the aged image of his teeth and his smile. Thanks to the treatment with dental implants and ceramic veneers we were able to recover the smile of the patient and the chewing function of teeth in a highly satisfactory way.

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