Dental crowding

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Teeth crowding is one of the most frequent reasons for orthodontic treatment consultancy. Patients report not being comfortable with the aesthetics of their smile and not being able to chew effectively. Making dental cleaning more difficult, dental crowding also facilitates the appearance of tooth decay and gum diseases such as periodontitis.

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Through the use of new techniques and increasingly comfortable and aesthetic devices we can align the teeth in a reasonable period of time (12-24 months) by monthly appointments, painless and short (15 minutes). The use of ceramic braces, aligners and lingual braces has “universalized” the application of adult orthodontics and now 40% of orthodontic patients are older than 20 years.

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A 14-year-old patient who came to the orthodontist because he was not comfortable with his dental crowding and had difficulty brushing his teeth properly. After a thorough study of his malocclusion, a treatment was planned using Invisalign aligners (removable transparent splints) that succeeded in aligning the teeth in 18 months of treatment.

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