Cosmetic restoration after a case of caries

Antes - restauración estética caries


Antes - restauración estética caries


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The presence of dental cavities in pastures placed in the past can generate dark stains on the edges of the restoration. These spots alter the smile and the image of the patient, who goes to the dentist with the intention of solving this problem.

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Retreatments of old, misaligned restorations and caries infiltrations are an alternative for those patients who are emotionally affected by the state of their mouth. Currently, there are minimally invasive treatments that allow changing the old restoration (either a filling or a sheath) in a very non-invasive way and without diminishing tooth resistance.

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We met a patient of 31 years who was carrier of some fillings in the previous teeth for 13 years. Previous treatment, his fillings were infiltrated with caries that had appeared in the last year. The specialists of Clínica Pronova were able to eliminate the old fillings and cavities in a minimally invasive way by using the microscope, obtaining a very natural cosmetic result and the patient’s pleasure.

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