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Dental crowding not only generates aesthetic problems, but also leads to other problems. The lack of space between the teeth hinders oral hygiene, favoring the appearance of caries or gum diseases such as periodontitis. Similarly, crowding generates wear and dental fractures, since there are dental pieces that contact one another outside the dental line of the rest of the teeth. An excessive chewing load may result in wear, fissures or fractures of these pieces. Finally, crowding impede effective chewing, causing patients reports of not chewing food well and swallowing it quickly in large pieces.

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The development of orthodontic appliances, increasingly comfortable and imperceptible to the human eye, has made it possible to expand the treatment of dental crowding through cosmetic braces to adolescents and adults who, for professional/emotional reasons, did not want to apply the devices.

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An 18-year-old patient came to our center presenting a problem of lack of space between the teeth and dental crowding. Through an orthodontic treatment with cosmetic braces we were able to align the incorrectly positioned dental pieces and improve the aesthetics and masticatory function of the patient’s teeth.

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