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With time, ceramic crowns or covers may suffer from misalignments and cavities in the margins of the restoration, causing an aesthetic and oral health issues. In the same way, gum diseases can favor the appearance of retractions that leave the tooth root and the metallic margin of the old prostheses exposed.

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The replacement of old misadjusted or affected by caries or gum diseases prostheses is a frequent problem that requires a minimally invasive and highly aesthetic restorative treatment. New ceramic materials, as well as new microsurgery techniques help us restore oral health of teeth and gum, as well as recover natural aesthetics of the dentition.

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A 47-year-old patient came to our center to improve the appearance of an unfit ceramic prosthesis that had experienced premature aging due to gum disease.
During the examination, we found a tooth that suffered severe decay under the prosthetic crown, which forced the extraction of the tooth and the placement  of a dental implant and a provisional fixed tooth in one day.
After several months of retouching on the provisional tooth and once the appropriate esthetics accepted by the patient had been achieved, the provisional tooth was replaced by a prosthetic ceramic crown. To harmonize the aesthetics of teeth, ceramic veneers were placed on the adjacent pieces. The final result was highly satisfactory for the patient.

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